Looking for a everyday bag

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  1. Hi, I'm new on here but I have been stalking the site for about a year (saved me from buying a Paddington). I want to buy a everyday black bag that's more on the classic side that I can dress up with a sweater dress in the winter but also dress down with jeans and shorts/dresses in the summer. I am thinking about a noe petit or alma pm in epi black but I tend to like smaller bags since I don't have a lot of stuff to put in them plus I feel stupid carrying a big empty bag. I am open to other suggestions minus a speedy, I just received a 25 for Christmas and I would like a different shape. I just have a few requirements 1) Must have a shoulder strap or ability 2) Priced under $700 on the secondary market. I appreciate all the help in advance.
  2. What do you usually carry? If it’s not a lot and since you seem to like the Alma.m, what about the BB size? It’s cute and holds a lot more then you’d expect. And it’s a classic!
  3. I like the bb but it's more expensive, the petit is cheaper but I would try to get a lady dior instead of a bb. I was switching purses from every day to four depending how lazy I was being that week so I want a purse that goes with everything, I can just grab and go with not much thought or effort. In a week I could carry a lv Tivoli, Philip Lim orange messenger, Gucci fushia Soho tote, tods snakeskin bag, Fendi mini baguette so I little bit of everything :smile: