Looking for a digital watch...

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  1. I'm thinking of buying a new watch, and would prefer a digital one this time. I currently have a Tag Heuer which I love to death, but I feel like I should modernize and get something super practical yet cool-looking. Any suggestions?

    (My Alba Spoon digital watch from 15 years ago had a stopwatch, an alarm, and a backlight... so useful!)

    I've seen the Tokyoflash watches which look pretty cool, but it actually looks like it may be difficult to tell the time!
  2. The Tokyoflash designs are fun. How about the G-Shock?
  3. Thanks for the suggestion! I remember G-Shocks and Baby-G's being extremely popular (at least in my country) about 15 years ago and I feel like I'd be regressing back to my high school years. ;) Having said that, I do think a Baby-G - which is smaller than the G-Shock - may be my best bet at this point unless I find something cooler.