Looking for a Digital Camera

  1. Any ideas on where I could get a good quality one and save a little? You all are so great at finding bargains I thought Id ask -- Thanks!
  2. Hands down the best place to buy digital cameras is buydig http://search.buydig.com/search.aspx?kwd=Digital+Cameras
    I have bought every single digital camera that I have owned there and their prices beat every site, and believe me I do my research!! :tup:
  3. You should go to www.pricegrabber.com to compare the price at various retailers.

    I have a Canon SD1000 and love it. I had an older Canon Elph and loved that too. I'm a Canon fan! Hope you find something good.
  4. Thanks so much! I apologize if I put this in the wrong thread.. mods, so sorry -- I'm still getting the hang of tPF.
  5. I go to consumerreports.org for anything like this for which ones are recommended or in the top 3 - then I price the one I want. Consumer reports hasn't steered me wrong yet.
  6. if you find a good price somewhere and the Camera is at Best Buy. I would take it to them to price match bc their extended warranty plans are fantastic!!
  7. I would definitely go with a Sony Cybershot T# (10,70,100-they're all very similar). I now have the Canon SD630 (or is it 650) and I wish I had gotten another Sony, it's way easier to use, great quality and it looks slimmer and sleeker too!
  8. It's always best to shop around when it comes to electronics (and pretty much anything, I suppose). Do you know specifically what kind of camera you're looking for?

    You should pick one up on Black Friday (day after American Thanksgiving). I got mine (Nikon D40 SLR -- sooo nice) for like $500.00 tax in.\

    Good luck! I hope you find the perfect one for you!