Looking for a Diamond Stitch in white .............

  1. Hi , can anyone help me find a diamond stitch tote in white , the smaller size. I love this bag and I missed out on the baby cabas in white:sad: , so I dont wanna miss this bag. Thanks Chanel girls and boys.:love:
  2. Most Chanel, NM, and I think Saks reordered this bag for s/s 07, give ur local boutique a call, they can also transfer from another location. Style #A32454. Good luck!
  3. Give David a call at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. He is my S/A and he is great!! He located my small white DS tote and had it sent to me. It had never been out of the box!!! I arrived yesterday and I LOVE it. Again his name is David Suarez only speak with him. Tell him Penny gave you his name and number. His number is 702-765-5505. Good Luck! Remember he is in Vegas so it is just 8:30 am so the boutique is not open wait an hour and if David comes in this afternoon just wait and speak with him. He can find you one.
  4. I love david!!! he is sending my bag. YAY , he is so funny. Thanks so much:yahoo: :yahoo:
  5. I am very glad you called him. He's a great S/A!
  6. I saw this at Saks and my SA will get it for you...he also has the same in black.....his name is Joseph .Call him @917-776-9353.....PS he can also put you on the list for the baby Cabas in white...yes there are more coming!