Looking for a dark 'hunter' green bag

  1. for the fall...any recs?
  2. Howabout a green Epi Speedy or some other shape? That's a nice, dark green.

    Pic from google, but it's by someone called elviscostellofan on eBay.
  3. The Furla Farrah large satchel comes in hunter green. There is an all leather one (see pic) and I have seen it in the medium size that comes in dark green suede and lizard trim. I have the medium in black, I absolutely love it.
  4. I like that Gryson one.
  5. Elly, I'm a lifelong handbag lover whose favorite color is green, and I'm constantly in pursuit of gorgeous green bags. :yes: I think its going to be a very strong color for fall, but we need to hold on another month or so until more of the new bags hit the shelves. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

    Here are two promising fall bags I've seen so far: The YSL Downtown in "Cypress" (not hunter green, but still pretty) and the Mulberry Smithfield bag.


    YSL cypress Downtown from BG.JPG Mulberry green Smithfield from Vogue ad.JPG Downtown closeup.JPG
  6. guccigreen.gif
  7. LOVE the cypress color of the YSL. That olive-y shade of green is one of my faves.

    Tano is making some nice deep greens for fall. Here are 2 examples:

    Tano hasn't posted their Fall collection online yet... this is an inside scoop. The second bag will be available at Bergdorf's on the 5th floor.
  8. I got this last week on the Piero sale and it's the most gorgeous shade of dk. green!
  9. thanks so much for the recs! I love that shade of green grace^ and absolutely love that mulberry!
  10. Here's a Ferragamo bag on sale at Overstock...
  11. oooh, the Pierotucci bag is delish!
  12. I love the first bag in tano expert's post.. the ysl hobo looks great! I would also suggest the new fall balenciaga color called pine. It's not out yet but there are swatches in the bbag forum.