Looking for a dark grey/pewter bag...suggestions?

  1. I saw the most gorgeous dark grey/pewter dress today and am wondering if anyone knows of a handbag that would fit that color description. I have the dark grey Belen Echandia Love Me, which is gorgeous but lighter than this color. It was a very dark rich shimmery pewter color--it was not outwardly metallic but a deeper sheen.

    Can anyone give me suggestions about a bag that might fit this color? Preferably a shoulder bag but I won't rule out anything at this point. I would appreciate any help from the tpf experts!:tup:
  2. Here's a color that's a bit like it..this is a small kenneth cole...but preferably no python/snakeskin pattern....
  3. Not sure if this is dark enough, but here's an Anna Corinna City Tote in gunmetal. I think it might be a bit darker in real life.

  4. how about the Cole Haan Triple zip in gunmetal. It's a classic bag that will always be in style and the leather is so soft!!
  5. i love my charcoal grey gustto setela! thats a lovely grey!
  6. [​IMG]
    here's a pic of the Cole Haan. It's darker in real life and fits a ton!
  7. How about Kooba Natasha in gunmetal? I have this bag and LOVE it!
  8. This was my choice too...I have one and it's surprisingly versatile. The leather, as usual for Cole Haan, is perfect! You'll love it!
  9. zeit...I've just discovered the Anna Corinna bags, and I really love this style and color! Are they well made bags?

    Kings--I have a Cole Haan bag and just love it..the leather is great and they are so durable. I'm wondering if the color will be dark enough or too metallic?

    Redd--loving the Kooba but not sure if it would be in my price range...Definitely a gorgeous choice, though, and the color is right on!

    Thanks so much for these ideas, ladies! If anyone else has suggestions, I'd love to hear them.
  10. hayden harnett is having a sale i think still, they had a mercer triple compartment satchel on sale in their pewter color!
  11. The colour is actually like a dark charcoal and is not too metallic at all. It's got a nice sheen to it.
  12. Kings...thanks for the tip! I've got a Cole Haan outlet not too far from wher I live..I'm giong to try to get there to see if they have any of these bags. I'm also really interested in the Anna Corinna, too...they're both different but gorgeous!

    Luna...I'll definitely check out the HH Triple Zip as well. I know some TPFers love it!
  13. I have the HH Triple satchel in Poppy Red and it is really nice as well. The leather is quite thin but really soft. it's a great size for everyday items. Let us know what you pick.
  14. I have the goldie shocks bag in pewter by Tano and Ive been carrying it every day since sept. 1. It looks great with everything. Its made of black suede with a crackled gunmetal metallic finish on top. Looks great with grey and black and denim and purple and red and white- all the colors I 'm wearing this season. Here's a pic of it:

  15. I have the Goldie Shocks as well but in bronze and it is a great bag. I especially love the two strap lengths. Also love how lightweight it is. It is quite metallic though.