Looking for a cute cocktail dress under $300...

  1. I'm trying to find a cute cocktail dress for under $300 that can be worn in mid-October (nothing too summery). I was thinking of buying a BCBG minidress or something similar, but I have no clue what style or color to look for. Please post if you have any ideas or are drooling over any dresses that might fit the description.

  2. Definitely check BCBG, I find I never go wrong with their dresses. You should be able to get something around $300.
  3. How about a DVF wrap dress? I'm sure you could find some with 3/4 sleeves in darker patterns..I recall seeing some on sale on Revolve and Shop Bop.

    And I second BCBG! Its one of my favorite..in fact I am hitting up the BCBG outlet today! :love
  4. i bought a bcbg white dress last week..it was 499..onsale for 380 plus another 50% off....it was under 200..i love it!!

    white is mos def in season right now..
  5. Betsey Johnson online has a sale right now. A lot of choices right there! :graucho:
  6. Another vote for BCBG. I tried on about 15 cocktail dresses at Bloomingdales and choose one by BCBG. I think it was about $280. Bloomindales had a great selection in general.
  7. I agree, BCBG is always a great option. Why don't you try Lord & Taylor- I've had the best luck finding dresses there- they have BCBG, among others- and they're known for their dress selection, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding something in your price range.
  8. try foley & corinna
  9. there's a really cute dark teal-colored bubble hem mini strapless dress at Banana Republic, I can't seem to find the picture on the website, but if you check out the store, you'll see it! i was about to get it myself, but after showing it to my friend...she went and got it!!:wtf: