looking for a cute bag or access. my boyfriend can afford

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  1. Hey guys... i am looking for a cute under $200 item my boyfriend can afford for Christmas. The only idea i have is another longchamp tote. I have tons of dooneys and am getting another one from my grandma. I would like to avoid them. I would like to get something cute yet affordable. i was thinking a coach planner or wallet. I want some ideas though too. please help me think.
  2. How about a Hermes pocket square ($100) or twilly ($115)?

  3. silk twilly

    pocket square:

    hermes key ring

    There is a lot more on their site....
  4. I am loving the ones you all posted. My daughter is not a "purse nut" (could there have been an exchange of babies at birth?) but does like wristlets, and here's one I ordered from Coach that you might like. Click on the brass/ivory.

  5. Rose - I've been on a search for the gorgeous Hermes silk twilly you posted, and I came up empty. I'm even getting nothing at the Hermes site. (except that the page says "Done" and there's nothing there.) If you know where I can find this, would you please let me know. Thanks so much! Janis
  6. Janis, they still had them this morning when I checked. Here are the links. If you have any problems, PM me and I will refer you to my SA who will help you out.

  7. Coach wristlet! I personally have two and I can always find a use for them. I own one gold one I use as an evening clutch/going-out bag, and one pink and white signature one I use either as a wallet or clutch in the summer.
  8. What about a Return to Tiffany bracelet?
  9. Oh, it worked, Rose. Thank you! I was getting "done" and a blank page with all the other sites it took me to on that link, but the silk twilly link DID work. Thanks so much. :smile:
  10. Great, here is a link to the main page from where you will be able access all the other 'goodies'.

  11. Well, I really like the leather necklace and bracelet from Hermes..Welcome
    I think they are very cute and have seen them on a ton of celebs...but they are a little more at 220?!(oh, and I prefer the silver to the gold in case anyone wants to buy ME a present!!LOL)
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