Looking for a Coffer!!

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  1. I can't seem to find a Blue Coffer. So now I'm deciding between Black or Plum. Has anyone own a Plum coffer? Can you please share your pictures with me? I'm not too sure of the color and the picture from the website is not too clear.

    I need your help!
  2. I looked at this at the London store - sorry I don't have photos. It's not actually a plum color - it looks more like prune, so it's a very dark brown like you can see on NAP. Good luck.
  3. there's a blue one on styledrops...
  4. Unfortunately, I have been desperately searching for the blue Coffer and ordered it from Styledrops and was told that they no longer have it in stock. That was over a week ago and they still have it listed as "in Stock". I e-mailed them yesterday, to ask if they now have it in stock and am awaiting their reply. If I hear anything, I will let you know!
  5. ^ ah, i see. that's too bad. :sad:
  6. I also email Styledrops...they said they have sold out the Blue Coffer. :crybaby: