Looking for a cocktail ring

  1. I'm on the market for a big statement piece... I'd like something icy looking: white gold/silver/platinum with blues (aquamarine preferred)

    I'd like something not too over the top: a big central stone but not a zillion smaller stones :biggrin:

    You ladies have such good taste, I know you're going to find something wonderful!
  2. Here are some to consider ...
    David Yurman - $550

    David Yurman - $1,150
    Konstantino Treasures - $765
    Judith Ripka - $600
  3. [​IMG]
    Robin Rotenier - $495
    Jude Frances - $1,500
    KC Thompson - $1,895
    Shaill - $1,960
  4. The last one..the Shaill...what a GORGEOUS stone! (I thought Kat would come up with some good suggestions!!)
  5. werd, that one is gorgeous!
  6. I want something like this, too. A big, gorgeous hunk of a stone with a very simple setting and no embellishments. I want to wear it on my index finger and point at stuff all day long!
  7. The last one is breathtaking! I love big statements pieces.
  8. I had a 54ct, emerald cut, Swiss Blue Topaz set for fun. :biggrin: (I wear it on my right hand when we got out.)
  9. That Judith Ripka ~ Is Beautiful. They Are All Gorgeous!

    TheImportersWife ~ What A Magnificent Ring....54ct ~ That's A Ring!!!
  10. Love those last two, Kat!
  11. Gorgeous rings! Thanks Kat and TheImportersWife, now that's what I call a ring :lol: it's big and statement, gorgeous!
  12. Perja...
    Did you ever just think about buying a large loose stone that you love...usually they are inexpensive and then have it set the way you'd like? Just a thought.
  13. Oooh, that's a pretty good idea.
  14. Pianegonda makes a huge blue topaz ring simply set with a thick silver band. It's under $900.
  15. I just got a Judith Ripka from the Robinson's May going out of business sale for 95% off - which translated to less than $80!!! WOOOO HOOO!

    it's the auquamarine one - check it out even from far away, you can see the blue bling!!!!!