Looking for a coated canvas tote - suggestions?

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  1. I've decided I need to add a large coated canvas tote in my collection. Something a bit LV Neverful-ish would be great. I'd like it to be at least 18 inches/45 cm wide at the top, but 22 inches/55 cm isn't too much either. Can be open or zip closure top. Preferrably more EW than NS. Minimal or no hardware on the handles, at least 9½-10 inch drop and - most importantly - NO large/repeating or very in-your-face logos!

    I'm not looking to spend a whole lot of money (budget around 350 €/$500) since it's probably not going to be my everyday bag. Just something I can fill to the brim, carry in any weather and not having to worry about the bag getting ruined by a little tough love. Any ideas?

    I've been looking into Jonathan Adler, Tumi, Longchamp, Malene Birger and MK. Any comments, pros/cons on these brands and their bags lifespan or the specific designs behind the links?
  2. I think Kate spade might still make them as well.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion! Spade does have a few nice looking bags, but not really up my alley...also, the size HUGE doesn't seem to be featured. :biggrin:
  4. Rioni Luxury Tote is cheaper, for instance on Overstock. Very Neverfullish.
  5. Gérard Darel's Simple Bags are wonderful, they are not coated canvas though, but leather.
    Yet, they are stylish and casual, good quality.
    Come in all sorts of coulours.

    You can also have a look at Hervé Chapelier's coated canvas on their website.
  6. Henri Bendel has a few. The West 57th E/W Tote is 19 inches wide, and the Travel Tote is 22 inches wide.

    I've had their dog carrier in the white/brown striped canvas for a couple of years. So far, the canvas has proved indestructible. Hope this helps.
  7. Hmmm how MK or MbMJ?
  8. [Q UOTE=tentativepurse;26719188]Rioni Luxury Tote is cheaper, for instance on Overstock. Very Neverfullish.[/QUOTE]

    I second that. Even eBay is just a inexpensive. I had 2 of them and used the hell out of one and then sold it. The person said it looked like new. Great great durable and pretty totes.

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  9. The dooney and bourke chevron tote is great ... Comes in so many colors too !
  10. Fossil seems to have a lot of totes right now...

    Have also seen some similar styles at the Coach outlet--gunmetal saffiano, for example, open top, pretty big....
  11. Thanks to everyone for your input! I'm sure I'm not the only one looking for the perfect tote so your opinions will hopefully help others as well. :smile:
    In the end, I got a great deal on a preloved near pristine Malene Birger Grinolas tote so went for it. Tried and tested for a couple of weeks, she's a keeper and very much the way I like my bags; pretty, functional, roomy and an easy print to combine.
    Here she is (stuffed with my biggest pillow to give her shape)
  12. Oh I love it !! Congrats !!

    I wish I had the same luck finding good pre owned stuff !!
  13. I love the graphic nature of the bag... it looks like clovers, then it looks like stamps, and then the lines of a ruler... very eye-catching!
  14. Great choice. Have been seeing lots of those on Instagram lately. Wondered if maybe they were covered canvas.