Looking for a coat!

  1. Any suggestions on where i could buy a cheap, yet well-made coat? Anywhere is fine..except for H&M! TIA!:smile:
  2. Not sure of your definition of cheap in this case, but I absolutely adore my J.Crew Lady Day coat. It comes in a variety of colors, looks amazing, and retails for $298. (though I got mine on sale for $209).
  3. Last year I got an amazing wool trench coat with a tie waist in cream for $79.00 at Old Navy. I haven't looked there this year but last year that had a lot of cute coats and mine has held up very well!
  4. It does depend on what you mean by cheap, but I recently bought a DKNY coat for just under $300 that I love. Black wool blend with a little ruffle to make it unique.
  5. Bennetton, Target, Gap, Old Navy, and Ruehl
  6. I love it! It's so cute and it's warm too. I receive many compliments when I wear this jacket. :yes:
  7. well, it quite depends the style you like...I love Jcrew lady coat a lot....
    Beneton is my type as well, and afordable price...
  8. i love coats from forever 21, they use really good material, thick and warm.