Looking for a Cloudy as b-day gift

  1. My last thirty-something birthday is coming up and I really wish for yet another bag. I'm not very excited about the new ones coming out... I don't need a flap one... I was thinking about a more casual, roomy bag.
    I looked at a Cloudy Bundle some time ago and it keeps popping in my mind. Has anyone seen a bowler in any color anywhere?? TIA
  2. I talked to SA Lisa Hamlin from Troy couple days ago, she has a small silver/metallic cloudy bundle. Give her a call to see if she still have it. It also on sale for $892. Good luck!
  3. Thanks Christy, I didn't know the CB came in silver!!!
  4. Wow, I had a real hard time tracking one down (N/S) a few months ago. Thanks to Roey's SA @ Saks, I was able to find one. However, I still think you may be about to get an (E/W) or bowler.

    I would have an SA do a massive search for you. Best of luck, it's a beautiful bag.
  5. The CB doesn't come in silver. The sale bag is from a different, older collection. It looks similar to the CB but is not the CB.
  6. Thanks Roey, that's what I thought... the hardware and the leather are different.
    I called the Chanel 800#, they might be able to find one for me.
    I was hoping to find it at a Saks cause I have $900+ credit on my CC, I guess I'll call around.
  7. hi - i've got a cloudy bundle in the smaller size in an olive-y color at Nordstrom's topanga. it's like half the height of roey's cloudy bundle, to give you an idea of the size, with two handles, drawstring, with an interior button snap closure. feel free to PM me if you're interested.
  8. Thank you lokomaika, the Chanel boutique found one for me, thank you all for your help.