Looking for a classic bag. .

  1. Hey - i'm looking to buy my first HE designer handbag. Don't really have any specific needs (although not too small of a bag) except that I want to buy a bag I can use for the next couple of years and I also don't really like monograms all over a bag, either. Any suggestions? Two of the bags i've been thinking of are the balenciaga day and the MJ blake, although i'm not sure how classic the day bag is. These choices are definitely not the end all be all and I am open to any and all suggestions. Thanks!
  2. A balenciaga could be a very good choice as they can be used for years and years. The day bag is great, nice and light and can fit many things, the city is also a good size for a bbag and if you want something smaller there is the first. You can check them out and get more info on bbags in the bbag forum.

    In my opinion if you want something to last make sure you get something that is not too trendy cause that will date very fast.

    The Celine boogie bag is a great classic imo if you dont mind a handheld bag.
  3. Im also looking for a new bag I want an everyday bag that is large and preferably black leather, I was looking at the coco cabas but i cant find it in stores in black leather, any other suggestions?
  4. What about Louis Vuitton - I know you don't like monograms but you could get an EPI one!
  5. LV damier is not monogrammed, so if checkered canvas suits you, buy it. LV Epi leather is very elegant and lasts a long time.

    I'd suggest Coash legacy as well, they've got leather bags without monograms.
  6. I'd suggest the LV Epi Passy PM. I have this and I can't tell you how much I love it. It is the perfect size and I carry quite a bit. I also checked out the GM size last week it you want something a little bigger. Neither are bulky have seperate compartments so things don't get lost in the bag.
  7. I would suggest a Balenciaga City. They're classy, the leather is yummy and they're not monogrammed.

    Good luck and don't forget to post what you get! :p
  8. i think i found my bag its the xl by lv brand new just launched a little pricey at$2950 do you think its worth it? My other choices are ysl downtown or balenciaga but im not truly crazy about them ....