Looking for a CITY Electric Blue with Reg Hardware??

  1. Hi,

    I am trying to narrow down what bb i will try and purchase. firstly, does anybody have a pic of an electric blue city with the regular/standard hardware. i have found a pic with GS, but would like to know what it looks like with the RH before i begin my search,

    thanks :smile:
  2. If you search the forum, you can find a few EB cities with RH.
    BalNY also has some in stock; I'm sure they can send you a pic.
  3. There are a couple of PF'ers who posted the pictures. Here's one of them.
  4. hayley do bookmark the above page for your future reference. would be good if you take members' earlier suggestions and visit the places before you start multiple threads in various sub-forums. much info's already put up for our reference. the search function's our navigator around here.
  5. sorry about that 'glossie', but sometimes you post on one thread and get no responses, so i like to increase my chances!:smile:

    I had done a search and not come up with that one, but will try and be more thorough now i am more familiar with the brand ... previous to today, i had no idea what things like 'EB' (Electric Blue), 'GSH' (Giant silver hardware) meant,
  6. thanks pink boudoir, i only saw this after i posted various links, by chance!
    i appreciate all your help and input
  7. we all started out with zero knowledge. no need for sorrys, hayley. you did better than me, for sure, if you can find out about the different codes in a day :lol: the posts move fast here cos there're so many members. i hope you're not offended. as you can see, many members are more than happy to help newbies. there's the time difference between a few countries and non-response doesn't mean you're being ignored. hope you won't have too hard a time deciding which bag to get. pinkboudoir gave a good piece of advice to one newbie earlier: take your time, don't rush into it :biggrin:
  8. Neiman Marcus ordered elec blue cities with RH. You just need to ask a sales associate to locate one for you.
  9. The Neiman Marcus in Las Vegas at Fashion Show mall has an EB city with RH in stock. I saw it there yesterday.
  10. ^Arg! I was in Las Vegas yesterday and wanted to drop by NM to see if they had any EB. I figured they probably wouldn't so I didn't go. The NM by my house sold their EB's very fast. I am on the wait list when they get more in. I want to see the color before I buy.

  11. I saw a EB city with RH at Barneys NY on Madison Ave on Friday.
  12. ^^ you should try "Barney's" in nyc, because they had one on saturday...but when i stopped back there today, it was gone (although they did have 2 in GSH on display)...they must have sold a ton of b-bags over the weekend, because they looked pretty cleaned out (lol!!!)...if anyone here bought anything, please share your booty with us here!!! :okay:

  13. I took one home with GSH.....hee hee. I just love the way the SH sets off the blue.
  14. ^^ yippeeeeeee, good going girl!!! :yahoo:
  15. thanks to all of you; cougess, goldilocks10023, bedhead & aaallabama, for sharing those locations.

    Unfortunately i am in Australia, so am either going to order from Aloha Rag, or BalNYC, or maybe even Cult Status ... i got their price list today and it wasnt as bad as i thought ... $1,359 AU for regular cities and $2,177 AU for Giant ... though of course the colour range was limited. They dont have any EB in yet, but have emailed them.

    what do you guys think of these prices. how much does the giant city retail for in the US?

    Oh and just to make matters even more complicated, i have started looking at other 'Blues' - i.e. Blue India, and Blue Glacier. ugh.

    whats the consensus on the best blues? are there any that are LESS prone to being 'veiny'. i think i prefer the smoother finish ...

    ok, enough questions! thanks again for all your help,