Looking for a charm....

  1. I am looking for the Coach strawberry charm if anyone sees one on eBay or knows of anyone selling one PLEASE let me know!! I cannot find one ive been looking on eBay and no luck! I NEED it!! :sad: Thanks!!!
  2. You mean this one ?


    if so going to be hard to find.. they are sold out. 2 weeks ago they only had 4 leave in USA.

    Nothing on eBay :sad:
  3. I know!! :sad: Im HOPING one shows up somewhere though!! :sad:
  4. They are NOT sold out. You can backorder from Coach. Call customer service and ask to backorder it. Style number is 92256. I have one on back order and it should be to me by February 25!
  5. I just called JAX.. they are sold out right now, but will be getting more in, probably next week.. you can order it now and when it comes it will ship to you. It is $30. HTH! :tup:
  6. thats awesome....
  7. Cool, didnt know you could. I was just going by what I was told when I ordered mine 2 weeks ago there 4 left in USA.
  8. Yay, thanks!!! By the way -fieldinspring- thanks for the purse im dying to get it i dont think it is good for my health to be this anxious!! lol
  9. Thanks so much for the style # im calling right now!! :woohoo: