Looking for a certien shellac color

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  1. I'm not sure of the name. But it's a dark greyish black color with flakey glitter in it ? Saw it on my sister but she doesn't remember the name. I have f seen a flakey glitter mixed in with a polish in SOG form before.
    Anyone know what I'm talking about ?
    Also, it works with the gelish 18g lamp, right ?
  2. CND shellac doesn't cure right with an LED light . It requires a UV light. UV lights will cure it and also other Gel brands , but it takes longer to cure. I don't know the color you are looking for. You could look for it on the CND website or on Amazon.
  3. Thanks. Bummer. Does anyone know of a flakey polish that cures in a led ?
  4. Fingerprints at Sally's Beauty has a new topcoat that has glittery shimmery stuff in three colors, silver gold and a sort of electric blue You could put that over a dark grey or black. I think Gelish has one that is almost black. The Fingerpaints new one just came out. I think they also have a black. Check their website .
  5. I don't know of any gel polish that has flakey's in it. But sounds very pretty.