looking for a casual leather chanel bag, any suggestions?

  1. I am looking for a more casual leather chanel bag, perhaps one that I can wear my converse runner shoe or birkenstock with.

    Any suggestions?
  2. The baby cabas or the cambons are quite casual
  3. good suggestions. I also think the cerf or gst would work well, or the paris biarritz line.
  4. Cambon tote gets my vote.
  5. I got the GST as a 'casual' bag. I have to admit that now every morning while I am getting dressed I think twice because I don't want to look weird carrying Chanel with a dumb outfit. BUT, for me (stay at home mom to a toddler) I think it's good- it's too easy to fall into a bad fashion rut!!!!
    Now I'm thinking a baby cabas might be a good bag for day...hmmm...:nuts:
  6. I laughed so hard, this is ME!!! As i slip into yoga wear from Lucy or old navy khakis and tank top, i think ok, my bag is ten times nicer, heck 50x's nicer than my outfit, i should really dress up a bit! But off topic, i think the Cabas is a very versatile day bag as is the GST!

    i stay home with my two year old too! the best job with the crappiest pay i have ever had :yahoo: when is his bday?
  7. I think the cabas is a great casual bag. Slouchy. :biggrin:
  8. I agree with everyone about the cabas being the casual everyday bag.
  9. Can somebody tell me the price of this?

  10. the modern chain tote is casual
  11. The cabas? $1,895 if you can find it. There are a few on eBay.
  12. Cabas, modern chain tote, or anything from the Outdoor Ligne (see reference section).
  13. I agree the Cabas is great. If you can't find one, how about an Ultimate Soft? I think they go great with casual clothes.
  14. Cabas is a great suggestion, (only if I can find one)

    what about a PST?
    I don't want to look dumb, carrying a fancy bag with a t-shirt and jeans.
  15. SO TRUE!!! We don't even get minimum wage, yet we don't quit! My little guy was born 7-5-06 so he just hit the toddler stage- help!!!:smile: