Looking for a casual Brown Bag...need advice!

  1. I'm looking for a brown bag... no designer preference... but I do like bags like Kooba, Gustto, Treesje and Coach... I'm really indecisive cuz there are so many bags to like... I was going to purchase a brown handbag by Treesje, but I'm not sure if I want to spend $350 on it... does anyone have any suggestions for cute brpwn bags under $350? Thanks! :shame:
  2. Tano boogie bucket....try musthavebag.com
  3. How well does the leather hold up on that Tano Bag?
  4. So far so good. I got the boogie in gray and I love it. I also have two other tanos that I've found the leather only gets softer with use. Great bag for a great price.
  5. Anyone have the X-Bag made by Tano? I saw this on the site... looks very nice...??
  6. I agree with tano if it's a casual brown bag under 350 if you don't want to spend a lot of money. I think gustto and kooba would be a bit over the range.

    I have a tano and it's worth the price and has been holding up good. It wears down softly. I have the wine colored boogie bucket.
  7. Tano Boogie Bucket will hold up great. I have it in the mustard yellow color and I love it.
  8. Does anyone know about the X-Bag though made by Tano? Do you think that bag will hold up the same? Looks almost quite identical to the Boogie bucket...
  9. X-Roads (Bag) by Tano is pretty much the same bag, I think it is just the hardware / straps that are a bit different. I would assume since it is made from the same crunch leather that it would wear just fine. Tano is definitly worth giving a shot!