Looking for a Camila in a brown or bordeaux color

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  1. Just like this one: Camila:nuts:
    But I like it in a dark brown or bordeaux color - does such an animal exist?
    And can I find it on sale? I'm not a fan of the Stams and other bags like this -
    but I like this quilted shoulder bag..

    What do you guys think about the Camila? I'm also not a huge fan of any chain
    shoulder straps. This one seems to be OK.

    Would love your opinions - and if you know where I can get one (what colors would be
    available, etc)>

    ..or maybe a Lou?

  2. the only one i could find was on ronherman.com, it's in black though and not on sale :sad:


    are you also looking for the little lou? if so, check my post here. off Saks by my house had a few in black and eggshell. also, last saturday, the Nordies in brea, ca had a goldish camila there.
  3. I'm looking into these (and thank you!) - I'd really like a small-medium shoulder bag patchwork leather bag like the Camila. Are there other styles you think I should check out - so far I've checked out the Camila and the Lou - but I really would like bordeaux (saw it in Bloomingdales but not on sale though) Can't find it since!
    Are there other styles to consider you think?
  4. have you considered the mayfair?

    they have teal and great for 539 at Barneys.com

    they have the dark brown camila at shopbop.
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  5. i've seen both at nordstrom on sale. give your local store a call and maybe someone can track one down for you.
  6. The Mayfair - not crazy about the chain as a solid shoulder strap, broke up with the leather is better for me -

    Were the Lou or the Camila included in this months designer sale?
  7. i tried the (wheat, i think?) camila on during the nordstrom sale. the small size seems perfect for going out, etc. and it wasn't too small that it couldn't hold anything.

    it was also really light on my shoulder, so that surprised me. i expected it to be a bit heavier b/c of the chain, but it wasn't heavy at all...

    it's definitely a very cute bag!!
  8. does anyone know if the bordeaux camila is on sale anywhere?
  9. I have the silver Camilla and I adore it. It's reallly just the the perfect size. I would love to get it in that gorgeous chocolate or the Dijon that is on sale at NM & BG online. :heart::heart: