Looking for a calcaire first...

  1. Does anyone know where I can get a hold of a Calcaire first? I've been looking on ebay for awhile now but I haven't found any :sad: . I had one and I loved it but it got ruined and I've been trying to find a replacement.
  2. or the upcoming Greige is comparable to calcaire. More neutral, less pinky-mauve undertones though....
  3. did you try the b store in nyc?
  4. Yea I called balenciaga but the SA told me they were out. I think the color was discontinued last year. I kinda like the pink undertone, it gives a different look.

    I saw the city but I'm sort of petite and the City is a little too big for me =/
  5. i've heard that the city is perfect for petite people like us. a bunch of 5'2'' pfers have sworn that the city is perfect. ???
  6. yeppers, at 1st i was worried about the big size, but i :heart: mine!!!

    p.s. i'm a very petite 5'2 chiquita-banana :P
  7. hey lmalaitham did you get the calcaire city? the auction ended...