looking for a bronze vernis bag...

  1. Hi girls, I'm asking for your opinion.
    I'm pregnant (1st week of the 9th month!:tup:), and I have a reaaly big pregnant's craving... about a LV bag, obvious!:graucho:

    I always LOVED the vernis bronze, and now I'm dreaming about the Papillon in bronze vernis (I'm not sure I think the correct name is Bedford).
    What do you think about it?
    Do you think there is the possibility to find one?
  2. I love the Bronze also, I had a Ludlow that I got when the color was newer, then just a few weeks ago, I got a Thompson St. from a reseller.
    I'd go for the Bedford if you find one, it's a pretty bag. Either that or a Tompkins Square.
    Your best best is eBay, there have been more bronze pieces there lately...if you wait until after the buying and selling strike is over (the 26th) I'm sure more will pop up.