Looking for a bowling/mini bowling! Anyone.

  1. I am looking for a red mini bowling or bowling. Has anyone seen a rouge/vermillion/rouge vif at any retail lately? I know its unlikely, but just wondering.
  2. I actually haven't seen one anywhere except on eBay last month, but maybe try calling around retailers like Barneys or BalNY to see if they have any? Also, I'd suggest the minibowling, i feel like the bowling is too long. The shape is great for both bags though!
  3. Try Aloha Rag...I asked about bowling and mini bowling bags a little while ago and they had a few left.
  4. Did they make the mini bowling in rouge? I know they made it in Grenat, but I didn't realize it came in any other reds. I would love to see a photo if anyone owns one.
  5. Aloha rag did have one in tomato I think about 3 weeks ago!
  6. I'm also looking for a mini-bowling in red. I know it comes in red but not 100% sure what the color is called. I thought it was Rouge Vif from what I read on the Celebrities with B-bags. But sskona, you had spoken to someone from AR and they said they had it in Tomato??
  7. anyone know of where to get a mini bowling/
  8. Bal HK has some mini bowling left but when my sister asked last week, they said they don't ship international.
  9. I think there's a white Bowling on -bay.
  10. There was a black mini bowling on it, I think it's still there, I don't remember it selling. Check the completed listings?
  11. AR and Bal NY doesn't carry mini bowling anymore. I asked them in April.

    The style was discontinued. I don't think it comes in tomato.

    I've been looking for an RV mini bowling for the longest time.

    Bal HK has the mini bowling in black, sapin, VD and some sort of brown but like jzlyn mentioned, they don't ship overseas.

  12. omg that is a freakin rainbow of mini bowlings!!! i would kill for either one of those colors but especially the VD!!!! sniff, whyyy no international shipping??
  13. Hi Jzlyn, do you know/remember how much it is in HKD? Thanks for your help in advance!
  14. How funny that there are a number of us looking for this style. I also asked at BalNY last month and was so disappointed to hear that it's a discontinued style! I'm also looking but not for black or white. Red, purple or blue would be nice.
  15. hkd 9200