Looking for a Bordeaux mGH Velo in Europe

  1. Hi ladies,
    since I got a mailing from mytheresa, I was so curious about the new leather. I also got the possibility to see a Part Time in the combo Bordeaux mGH. I just fell in Love with it :smile: Unfortunately the store in Austria does't carry a Velo. So Im asking those of you who are in Europe if anyone has scored a Bordie Velo.

  2. I just saw one at printemps n gal lafayette today
  3. I saw a Bordaux City Bag with mGH in Brussels at Louise 54, not sure if they have the Velo as well but I will have a look next time I am there.
    Otherwise I would just contact the boutique in Cannes (they were the most helpful for me in the past)
  4. thanks for the postings. I contacted Cannes first, there was no Velo left - but I was able to get one from BalParis. The bordeaux beauty arrived today :smile: