looking for a blue bag...

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  1. ...to replace my ruined powder blue lacoste bowling bag - i washed it and it didn't dry completely. now it smells and i don't like it anymore. :cry:

    any suggestions? i don't like bags that are too big. i just need something small to medium - just enough to hold all the essentials like wallet, camera, keys, gum, agenda, etc. and the price has to be under or around $1000.
  2. What about an LV epi Speedy 25 for $840?
  3. What about a balenciaga first in either cornflower or ink? It is on the small side, but so hot! Or, go up a size to the City (but that is $1195)
  4. Sigerson Morrison in Glazed Sea Blue Leather ($820)


    photos courtesy of SigersonMorrison.com
  5. How about a Luella? I love the Suzi tote. There's a blue one on Raffaelo Network, here, and it's 1091.22, only a little over your maximum.
  6. MJ Ursula Elise in Midnight! Don't have a pic, but there's a black version on the Neimans website.
  7. or a Chloe Paddy or box bag in bleu nuit. Still sad that I let that one go.
  8. thanks everyone!!! i will check them out.
  9. How about Balenciaga PURSE bag in Blueberry color? it is gorgeous. Check it out at NM.:yahoo:
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