Looking for a Bleu de France/French Blue Day bag: NM

  1. I know several gals were looking for a Bleu de France bag in the Day style.

    There is one at NM in Troy, MI :tup:

    Lisa @ 248 635-8442
  2. :nuts:
    Is it still there???:yahoo:
  3. Thanks HMWE! :heart:

    Any FB Twiggy or City?
  4. not that I know of ^^^ but the FB Day is definitely still there :yes:
  5. Thank you! For some reason I am craving for a FB twiggy.
  6. joyc - BalNY has a French Blue Twiggy. I just spoke withh Daphne today and confirmed.;)
  7. Thank you!!! I think I will stop by tomorrow :yahoo:
    Its so silly I forgot my cc at home :tdown:
  8. I know there are a few FB's left in stores, but I am a little hesitant because I worry that there are only ones with bad leather left...The reason for this thought is I once purchased one of the last Ink bags from 06 from Barneys and the leather was really bad, dry and faded. Do you think this is possible with the FB's that are left over?
  9. I'll let you know when I get mine! :smile:
  10. Starsnhevn...another one for you? Yeay, congratulation. I called Lisa about an Aqua Day but apparently she had the FB after she cross checked with the NM tag
  11. Yes, I'd like to see it up close before I decide. :smile: If its not me.. it goes back. :smile:
  12. I just saw a French blue day at Neimans tysons galleria. It has a few minor scratches but overall in mint condition if you really want one. Ask for Marie Christine and tell her Paulo sent you... She's really lovely and one of the rare few SA I would recommend.
  13. no eBay refs please :heart: