Looking for a BLACK PATENT JUMBO flap...anyone seen one?

  1. Hi all...

    I am desperately searching for a black patent jumbo flap with silver hardware. Has anyone seen them in NM, Saks or Bloomingdales???

    Please let me know if you have. Thanks! =)
  2. I believe my Saks in Tampa has one. I was there a week ago and remember seeing it.
  3. Actually, it may be a medium and not a jumbo. But I would check regardless.
  4. I saw one last week in Chanel NYC - I think it was the main store on 57th.
  5. i'm specifically looking for the classic jumbo, not the cruise one with the "chanel" on the bottom of the bag. thanks!
  6. I did a charge send through Chanel Ala Moana. They ordered it for me from the Las Vegas Chanel (I believe Bellagio??) My SA told me they had a lot in stock at the time, and that was less than a month ago. Try giving them a call!
  7. ok, now that Christmas is over...it's my turn to get something for myself. Anyone see a black patent jumbo recently? Thanks so much! =)
  8. I nm troy mi had a black patent and I believe it was the jumbo.