Looking for a black metallic luxury bowler (medium size)!

  1. Hi! :smile: If anyone has seen, or knows where I can find the elusive metallic black luxury bowler (in the medium size, not the huge one I owned for .023 seconds haha), I will love you forever! :p Some ladies have had great luck at Saks, etc... I was able to find a metallic black luxury flap there, which I now have but... I still really want the bowler (might replace or keep the flap if I find it, I don't know)... thanks so much!! :heart:
  2. Thanks! I called the SA there from whom I've purchased a bag, and she hasn't seen it. :crybaby:You're certain it was the medium sized metallic black? Has anyone else seen it... I'll love you forever if you have hehe. :p

  3. I think Chanel boy listed Nordstroms in Mall of america has one, I just got one from Nordstroms in CA
  4. Ohhh okay, thank you mskitty!! :smile: I actually was able to find one from a fabulous pfer, so I have it now, yay!! :smile:
  5. :yahoo:

    SO happy for you Minal!!!

    Now that's, hmm, three bowlers you have?? :graucho:
  6. Awww, thanks Jenn! :heart: Haha, nooo... I have two, the medium black metallic bowler (I returned the large), and the medium dark silver... but, if I happened to stumble upon a bronze, it would be my tPF duty to give her a good home! :roflmfao: :nuts: Ahh, I'm off to take a final in a bit... I'll post pics on Wed. of all my bags when I'm officially out of the burning inferno of hell otherwise known as endless studying/finals!

  7. ...I thought Veena sent you the khaki?? :confused1:

    Regardless, GOOD LUCK on your finals!!! I know you'll do fantastically ;)
  8. ooh, I'm so glad you finally got your Metallic bowler, fieryfashionista. PS Good luck with your finals!
  9. Yeah haha, I thought so too! When I opened up the box, it was a gorgeous dark silver bowler... finally got ahold of her, and she told me that that was the color that came up as bronze. :confused1: Very strange haha (you'd think an SA would know the difference between dark silver and bronze...), but regardless, I think it's a gorgeous neutral color and I'm keeping it. :smile: But, I'm totally on crack, and still wouldn't be able to resist a medium bronze bowler if one showed up! :nuts: Thanks!! :heart: One more left Wed. morning, then I'm just going to sleep for 12098398 hours. :smile:

  10. Thanks evychew! :heart: I'll post pictures of my bowler, and her new sisters (:nuts:) probably on wed... I think if I don't, I'll probably get a massive tPF smack upside the head for holding out! :p

  11. congrats on your bowlers! if anyone sees the black metallic available, please let me know. i'm on a big lookout for it now also! thanks!:girlsigh:
  12. I am still looking for one as well.

  13. I spoke w/Stephanie @ Bloomingdales in Costa Mesa on Monday and she said they just got one.. 714 824 4600..ask for her she is really nice... I hope you can get it.... I just lucked out w/Nordstroms, they just got one and grabbed it as they were putting it on display
  14. Here is a picture of my new bag
    Picture 095.jpg Picture 096.jpg Picture 101.jpg