Looking for a black LE COMPAGNON

  1. Hello Girls

    I have looked everywhere for this wallet for weeks. anyone see one lately or know where I can find a brand new one....

    please keep and eye out for me. Thanks...:tender: :tender:
  2. I know there is one here in Calgary at Holt Renfrew.

  3. Thanks Winona - I will call them right away.:flowers:
  4. Bal NYC had one as of a few days ago

  5. oi...its $650 canadian dollars plus 6% plus $30 shipping...hmmmm..

    anyone know how much it is in the US.
  6. Think around $595
  7. Thanks aaallabama - but I prefer buying a brand new one...

    I just found out that Bal NY got a whole bunch in.
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