Looking for a black bag...

  1. That I can wear on my shoulder. Lightweight. A pocket on the outside and some organization on the inside would be wonderful.

    Nice leather. Soft but not too soft, holds it's shape well. No logos. No gold hardware please. Large enough to fit magazines or a book but nothing too big.

    I think that's it. Oh, no Balenciaga please :sad:

    Price ? I'm not sure- open at the moment.

    Any suggestions??? Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!
  2. Bulga?
    Kooba Meredith
    Rachel Nasvik

    I know some have a little gold in them-were you looking only for silver hardware?
    How about Belen Echandia?
    Nicknamed the umbrella bag, this luxuriously soft creation with its hidden pockets, detailed leather stitching and gorgeous pink lining is inspired by rainy days. The middle compartment has a waterproof lining to store a wet umbrella or gym towel and is expandable, making it a snug pocket for a newspaper or this month’s Vogue. Goodbye wet patches and Sunday supplements scattered all over the pavement.
  3. Oh I would say the Rachel Navsik Penelope :} since you require a pocket in the front, or the Rebecca Minkoff Leather Hobo or Morning After Mini in black
  4. I don't have one in particular in mind, but I find Biasia makes gorgeous bags that are high quality, not insanely priced, and not so ubiquitous you'll see a copy on every street corner.

    I would recommend my Ellen Tracy tote but "not too big please" kills that one. Thing is HUGE.
  5. Any preferences as to shape? North/South vs. East/West? Hobo, tote or satchel?

    One of the ones I'm drooling over is this Kooba:
    The hardware is brass, but it's not too noticeable.

    Kooba Natasha Tote
  6. :tup: Another vote for Basia here too, also maybe Gerald Darel? Someone posted a while ago about her perfect GD black bag. How do you feel about Chanel? They have lots of black shoulder bags which might suit? Also, perhaps Tanner Krolle? Another great brand that is chic whilst understated.
  7. Thank you for all the suggestions everyone!!!

    I just thought of something else- I need a zipper closure on top.

    JNH- The BE bag could be a good one!!! Me likey.

    Mockinglee- I did try that Kooba months ago, I don't remember why I didn't like it though. I do like the Tote look.

    I am going to google the other suggestions. Thank you guys!!! Please keep them coming :yes:
  8. It's a great bag-I loved the idea of the waterproof compartment for the umbrella, but with two little ones it would be great for you! You should check in with Jackie-she's a doll-and I now own two of her bags. They are superb!:yes:
  9. Those Kooba bags are nice! :okay:
  10. Another vote for Gerard Darel!! I love my black GD bag!