Looking for a black bag for all occasions

  1. Right now I have the following two bags in mind:
    (image credits: Shopbop.com)



    Any other suggestions? (around 500 is my budget)

  2. I vote #1, the Marc by Marc Jacobs.

    I saw it IRL at Nordstrom recently, and I was really impressed with how smooshy and luxurious the leather was at that pricepoint.
  3. [​IMG]

    This is the Cole Haan - Rouched Satchel. I have this bag and LOVE it. Super soft and holds lots~! $395-ish

    **from the top two you selected..I like the Marc one better. I saw it in the store and woulda gotten it if I wasn't on a purse ban! lol. :smile:
  4. Maybe worth looking at a Billy Bag or a Tabitha? Less commonly seen but brilliantly practical. There is also strong support for Belen Echandia in these parts and some of her designs might be worth a look. Finally, I'd recommend Angel Jackson too for some less well known practical style. Of the two you posted, I prefer the second. Good luck choosing!

  5. i vote for the RM morning after bag. i have the mini version in royal blue. the bag's divine.
  6. Link: this Dautore black soft shoulder satchel is on sale at LunaBoston for $375 . (Don't know if a Grechen or Toutie code would further discount it. They can be from 20 to 30 percent.)

    A photo and a description from LunaBoston:


    Take a classic satchel shape and pair it with a little bit of Brazilian flair...what you get is this hip and practical everyday shoulder bag from Dautore. We love this bag for daytime or going out to dinner -- perfect with your favorite wrap dress and boots, jeans and a tee, or a going out look. Soft leather that only gets better with time, and lined in a signature print cotton lining. Two exterior pockets and interior pockets keep you organized.

    I think we're going to hear more about this line, from Brazil. I discovered them via LunaBoston. The Delfino shop carries them and now so does Shopbop.

    Let us know what you decide.
  7. The Marc Jacobs bag you have posted is very nice...the leather is soft as butter! I've seen it in real life before
  8. Between the two you posted, I like the first.

    Miss Sooky, the Belen Echandia bags are devine! And certainly great prices. I ran into this site the other day and saw several bags I liked. :yes:

    Love this - from the Take Me Away Collection