Looking for a BESACE Bag?

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  1. If anyone see's one of these for sale - please let me know. I'd love a darker color: brown, or black - In reg. hardware please.

    Thanks ladies! :flowers: :flowers:
  2. Have you tried the George V store? I think they have them or can locate one for you. HTH
  3. ^^Apparently all they have left is a Ruby one - I just got a Ruby WE, so I don't need that color. I'm hoping for a darker color. :flowers:
  4. Also I'm looking for a regular hardware bag. :flowers:
  5. I did search it for the hole summer and diceded to buy an older on from Corey in Black Suede. It was not cheap but worth al the money on the world. Corey is so sweet and has a Giant good taste in bags and describing them. I did see that Bertibleubird has some older bags in that shape on the bonanzle.
    They are lovely and mostly better than new ones.
    Good luck and Hugs FX:heart::heart::heart:
  6. ^^The one that she has is a white bag that was dyed black - I just don't want to go there. Plus it has pewter hardware and I prefer brass.

    Thank you for thinking of me ladies though. :flowers: The search goes on!
  7. So I'm still searching for a BLACK Besace circa 2008. I figure it will hold me over until my someday-dream bag of a FB hobo can be found.

    Do you guys think it's worth it to call every single NM, Barneys, etc. to do a search for one - or should I assume there are no more left in any store on earth?
  8. You might check back in the old threads, but I know NM never even ordered the style, and I'm pretty sure that was true of the major department stores here (Saks, Barneys, Nordies). I'd try calling all the Balenciaga boutiques first, in case something has surfaced in one of the newer stores. Or in Europe. Paris seemed to get more than BALNY. Most people who found them got on lists at small boutiques that were off the beaten path -- like in Australia. :shrugs: It was totally silly how the bag got publicized during fashion week but barely produced.
  9. I think you should call. Now, go! Let me know when you find one, I'm crossing my fingers for you!
  10. Well I made some calls and so far no dice. Not that I thought there would be, but just to be sure. I haven't called Europe yet though. Maybe that should be my next stop.
  11. This is the exact one I want:


  12. ^^If anyone sees one, could you please let me know! :flowers: :flowers:
  13. This bag is $1225 at NM SF. I talked to the SA this week and it was still avail. Ask for Michoux.
  14. ^^Thank you so much for thinking of me :flowers: I should have specified: I'm looking for Regular Hardware only. :heart:
  15. Both Balenciaga London and Milan have besace rh ... i bought my charbon besace from bal milan