Looking for a bath gel that produces long lasting scent

  1. Hi all,

    I'm looking for a bath gel that produces scent that last for hours or more. Could anyone suggest a brand or a specific item?

  2. Is there a certain perfume you like to wear? If there is try to see if they also have a bath gel, than spray your perfume. they say the scent lasts longer is you layer it.
  3. Thanks, handbag_luvr

    Would you please suggest a brand that offers bath gel and perfume in pair?
  4. I love the original Anna Sui perfume (in the purple bottle), and had a set that came with fragrance, lotion, and body wash. It was great, because I could layer all three, or just the body wash and lotion for a more subtle scent.
  5. Amber Nude ...its Estee lauder, by Tom Ford. ITS LUSH!!! And it lasts forever.
  6. I wear coco mademoiselle, and they have everything. Perfume, bath gel, soap bar, bath powder, mists, and I think a body spray. But I just use the perfume, bath gel, and body spray.
  7. anything from bath and body works...their scent seems to last a while for me
  8. I will have to remember the layering thing for the girlfriend, this is an awesome way to keep the scent.
  9. My favorites for long lasting scents are the products from The Body Shop. I'm especially partial to the Satsuma and Grapefruit scents. Also, you might try a body oil. I use the ones from a line called The Salt Project. It's a pretty obscure professional line but I smell the scents all day, even when I get in the shower the next morning! Plus they really do keep your skin soft.
  10. Philosophy Amazing Grace or Pure Grace. They are both favorites of mine!