Looking for a bag

  1. Calling all Chanel experts,

    I saw this girl carrying an all black leather Chanel bag. The logo (CCs) are all black too. The logo is like right smack in the middle of the bag. The bag is also pretty big. It can fit a 10x12 binder. Does anyone know what style / name or where I can get it? Thanks in advance.
  2. akdphiruby, i'm in kdphi too :woohoo:

    Much LnF :yes:
  3. Yep, that sounds like the GST :yes:. You can get it with gold or silver h/w. It is part of the classic collection so most stores carry this bag.
  4. Yea sounds like the GST (Grand Shopper Tote). There is also a smaller version called the PST (Petite Shopper Tote). Hope this helps!:smile:
  5. Thanks for all your help you guys. But, that's not the one that I saw. The one that I saw has no chains in the strap. I believe it was just a leather strap. Also, there were no quilt patches on it. Can you guys still figure it out? Sorry.
  6. ^ Did you take a look at the reference library? Maybe you will find it there.
  7. Hmmm could it be the cerf tote? But the logo isn't in black...or could it be the caviar coco cabas that had the logo stitched on it?

    akdphiruby, I was a part of AGC too (tho not akdphi)...my husband was a lambda :smile:
  8. I am thinking it might be the medallion tote? Search LC or lauren conrad on this board and you'll see a picture. Not to move away from the point but what the heck is AGC, Lambda and akdphi?
  9. Here is a pic:
  10. College Greek organizations :smile:
  11. Oh, okay I think I remember. It's asian sorority and fraternity right? I went to CAL and I think we had those.
  12. do you know what shape it is? I was thinking the cabas also but the bag that LC is carrying looks like what you're describing