looking for a bag that will help me keep organized!

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  1. i have a tendency to throw a lot of stuff randomly into my everyday bags, and then i spend forever digging for wallet/cell phone/etc... i was thinking it would make sense for my next bag purchase to have a couple of compartments (not just side pockets) where i can divide things up, ie wallet/phone/work stuff on one side and gym clothes/other types of stuff on the other. i'm usually a chanel girl, but i'm thinking of branching out for this particular bag. does anyone have any suggestions in balenciaga-land? TIA!
    (PS I may make similar post in other designer forums, so i apologize for any repetitiveness in advance!!)
  2. I don't know if Bals have compartments in them. So far haven't seen any.

    Why not use one of those lightweight bag organizers or two?

    I do and switching my things is easy-peasy.

    I'm also partial to big (but not huge) bags.

    I too am a sucker for compartmentalized bags.

    good luck!
  3. thanks baileylab! i haven't seen bag organizers anywhere - i'll definitely look into it.
  4. little clutches/coin purses are also a good way to "organize" your black hole of a bag. good luck with the search :flowers:
  5. Those coin purses are great for organization! And they hold quite a lot!
  6. Bal bags all have a black lining so they are truly a black hole. I have acquired many coin purses and a few makeups...they are brightly colored and I know exactly what I'm looking for...One holds my work ID and flash drives; one for my gum and mints; one for my 'floaters' (claim checks, receipts, etc); one for assorted meds. In one makeup is my pen case, a note pad, and my reading glasses; another makeup for my makeup...It also keeps the misc garbage (floaters) out of my wallet and my wallet tidy. Cell phone goes in front bag pocket and keys in inside pocket.
  7. I have the pursetogo organizers and they are wonderful. They keep you organized, and your liner clean. I also use CP's to organize! Good Luck.

  8. There's a zipper in the front of the bag and a zipper inside and then the rest is one huge space. I usually put my cell phone in the front pocket for easy access (it annoys me to miss calls) and my wallet I put in the inside zipper so I don't have to dig around for it. Everything else I carry is big enough so I won't have to search everywhere for it. If I'm carrying a large wallet (the long styled ones) then I don't put it in the inside zipper because it's easy enough to find. On the other hand, if you do a search there was a thread in this forum where another member found this item online that's got a bunch of compartments and you place it in your bag for easy organization. I personally wouldn't have any use for it, but others have found it to be very helpful.
  9. What size do you use for the city?
  10. I love the pursetogo idea however, since it seems to be sturdy then your bal bag might not slouch and it will instead, keep its form when placed on a flat surface. I wonder ...
  11. definitely the way to go for coin purses!
    i personally use pouches... since i put a bazillion band-aids. thumbdrives, sanitary stuff, hand moisturizer in my bag. without a pouch. honestly. i will take 10 min searching for my key. oh. i do use a coin purse for my keys. quick and easy.

    i think bal.com might be selling papier bags with a gift with purchase of a pouch?
    will be perfect for you.

    but im not too sure if the bag itself have many compartments. will have to check.