Looking for a bag.. need suggestions!

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  1. I adore the Chanel flap purse, but it's not in my budget range. Anyone know a designer/brand that makes a similar style? I'm not asking for a replica of the exact thing.. just something similar.

    Marc Jacobs has a shoulder bag that looks like it, but still a bit too pricey for me. Anything below $500?
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    This one is beautiful... but as you have said, it doesn't fit in your budget...

    but i definitely recommend this..
    xxx ack! Please do not post links to fakes or pics of fakes here :nogood:
  3. Please don't advertise sites that sells fakes :tdown:
  4. nekkid there are lots of 'inspired' bags on the virtual high St including Topshop, here are just some:

    Leather chain handle bag $160




    Polka Dot Quilt


    Knightsbridge by Mark B $78


    The Paris by Mork B


    The festival by Mark B $60


    The Paris (black) $70

  5. A lot of designers are doing chanel-style bags for fall, I saw a wonderful Mulberry one on the style.com website. Their prices usually aren't that high either!
  6. Have you considered resale/eBay route for the real thing? You could get lucky with a real Chanel if you're willing to wait and do some research.
  7. Rebecca Minkoff has some Chanel-ish designs for Fall/Winter 2010
  8. Marc Jacobs had something Chanel-like at Nordstrom yesterday.