Looking for a bag lookalike [not a knockoff!] of the Coach Thompson Editorial Bag.


Jan 2, 2010
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This was the bag I was saving for and dying to get, and the brown colour apparently went out. I absolutely adore it, and unfortunately, I don't have a Coach store in the vicinity. Now I have to find an alternative. I adore the one-closure design, and no outside pockets of any sort. It's also a roomy bag. Can anyone recommend a bag around the price range [$500-$600 maximum]? Mulberry has a similar design but it's too pricey for me. I apologize in advance that the photo is from a replica site, it's the only picture I could find.
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May 20, 2008
Eastern Iowa
The mods will most likely remove the link to the replica site ( don't want to promote replica sites here ) so, here is a pic of the bag.

PS: I don't know of any other bags that look like that one but, you could always try ebay for this specific bag or ask over in the Coach subforum if anyone knows where you can find one. I know the ladies there are great at hunting down bags!!


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Feb 28, 2008
Did you try calling Coach to see if they still have any brown ones in their warehouse? When quantities get low, they might take it off the website but still have a few left in stock.