Looking for a bag in fuchsia

  1. Hi all,

    One of my favourite colours of all time is fuchsia. I currently own only one bag in fuchsia, a really tiny leather hobo from Longchamp. Unfortunately, it is too small for everyday use.

    I am positive that fuchsia accessories will work wonderfully with the gray shades of upcoming Fall clothes. Thus I am looking for a bag in fuchsia. Can anyone give any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. What's your budget, please?
  3. check your Nordstrom Rack, they recently had Marc Jacobs Venetia, Blake and small multipocket bags in berry color on sale for just $350-$450.

    Pics are stolen from eBay. Here is Venetia





  4. I have one from an old collection of Cole Haan. I believe it's Spring 2004.

  5. Jackie at Belen Echandia said that this fall's new colors will be purple, fuschia, apple green, and petrol. Might be worth waiting! They make GORGEOUS handbags! I got the "Take Me Anywhere" bag in the petrol color.:yes:
  6. i am dreaming of a bag in fuschia too....
    as you can see from my signature.
  7. i say get the Marc Jacobs fuschia multipocket. it's really cut and comfortable to wear
  8. Thank you everybody for posting ideas! I will definitely check out MJ berry-coloured bags. Unfortunately, there are no MJ selling stores within our region, which means that I have to rely on net stores or wait until my vacation.

    My budget is something below $2000 (1450€), the exact budget limit depends on how deeply I fall in love with the bag. :smile:

    Thank you!
  9. omg I want this bag!!!

  10. :yes: And how beautiful it would look with the dove and pearl and pale silvery grays of summer, and oh what visions you have given me!

    I did not even realize that I wanted a fuschia bag!

    Thank you, VVV, for helping me acquire this formerly absent dollop of self-knowledge!