Looking for a bag for my camera...

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  1. What do you guys recommend?:confused1:
  2. NOT a Chanel!!! Unless it's a very little camera!

    Funny thing is, Chanel calls a lot of their bags "camera bags". I'm a pro photographer and any one of my cameras would rip right through these bags!

    That being said, if you have a small, consumer camera, it would fit in pretty much anything that Chanel makes!
  3. It's no pro camera lol

    Just not that tiny! I'm looking for something small and Chanel ofcourse. I am not thinking of spending on any other brand!!
  4. i use the cell phone bag as my camera is quite small. you may consider a make up bag?
  5. what about a mini flap, if you're ready to spend that much..

    you can wear it cross-body..
  6. missisa - love your phone bag, ill get it for my phone but it wont fit my camera

    themgdinosaur - I'll think of that, the size is perfect for my camera.
  7. what about the Cambon camera bag? or a medium classic flap in caviar?
  8. ^^ Haven't seen that one. Any pics?
  9. how about the chanel cambon cosmetic case pouch? it appears on eBay occasionally. i think it's big enough to put your camera. i have one in plum nappa/lamb leather from miu miu for my camera / phone.
  10. bisousx - Loved the cambon. I'll call my SA to find me one.

    Thanks for the help :flowers:
  11. np, I hope you find it! :heart: