looking for a baby cabas in white

  1. I called Chanel and they are completely sold out...if anyone knows where there is one available...please let me know.

    I don't want one from eBay...TIA!!!
  2. Neimans is expecting a new shipment of baby cabas this spring (including white). I would call and get on a few waiting lists so that you are covered--you shouldn't have a problem getting one.
  3. all Neimans or is there a particular Neimans you're talking about???
  4. Saks is also carrying white this spring.
  5. ????

    I just talked to my NM SA and she actually had just sat down with the Chanel Specialist to go over the NM buy... she said NM only bought the Denim.

    I remember this because I was really surprised since there is still such a demand.