Looking for a B/W Cambon Pochette ?

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  1. For anyone looking for a B/W Chanel Cambon pochette there's one on ebay Item #6875563411 through Luxury_zurich for a pretty good BIN price. FYI. Looks good to me......

    Did I post this in the right place????
  2. Isn't this the actual retail price of the bag? Or very close to it?
  3. I think it's around $795? Thanks for the heads up Shopmom, it was good to see all the detailed pictures because I :heart: this bag but have not seen one in person yet!
  4. Hmmmm. I'm not sure the actual retail price of the bag....if it's close and you really want one I guess what you'd save is a bit off retail plus tax because his shipping is usually free...

    Crochetbella....when you go to San Fran, the Chanel Boutique is just around the corner from Hermes and Neiman's also has a nice Chanel department....(you probably know this already, huh?). I did see the Cambon Pouchettes at Neimans last week.
  5. Thanks Shopmom! I will be looking to see one in person so it's good to know where they have them. :biggrin: I need to sneak over to Chanel. My DH totally supports my purse addiction but for some crazy reason he does not like Chanel bags! :shocked: It's good though in a way cause he loves Hermes and is keeping me on track for saving for my 1st H bag so I can't complain.:biggrin: But I do love looking at Chanel and buying makeup there. ;)
  6. thanks for the link!!!
  7. The retail for it is $795. :smile:
  8. This is an old thread but do you guys know where I can find the black and white pochette? Thank you
  9. There is no buying or selling on the forum. You can try eBay.
  10. I am not buying or selling from the forum. I was just asking a simple question if anyone knew where I can locate that purse since its an old model.
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