Looking for a 35 black Birkin or Kelly...please help a newcomer!!!!!!

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm new to Hermes and am currently looking for a black 35 Birkin or Kelly. I live in Minneapolis and we don't have any Hermes store here .:shame:..Should I call around to the stores in different cities? Do you think they might have one available or am I for sure going to be on the wait list for months? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thank you!!!
  2. Well, I suggest your fly or drive to visit the closet Hermes store and start a relationship with a SA. If you leave your credit card on file after establishing yourself, it's just possible if you leave a request for a 35 Birkin, they might call you.
    I turned down over the phone 2 croc Birkins last week. I have them. I do believe they were special orders declined due to the recession. In these times you might have a chance and not to long a wait.
  3. ^^^
    I agree with floppykelly. If you were to call the different stores asking if they have any birkins or Kellies available, most likely the answer will be no as far as my limited knowledge goes. If they don´t know you beforehand they won´t reveal if they do have Birkins and Kellies in the store. You may also take a look at the reputable ebay resellers list, and go that route if you don´t mind getting a used one (that´s how I got my first black Birkin in togo with palladium). Good luck!
  4. Thank you soooo much! Maybe I will stop at the Chicago store and try my luck with one of the SA's
  5. Would definitely do this, if I were you---the Chicago SA's are very nice, and especially if you show an interest in something in addition to (or other than) a Birkin, you might get very lucky.
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    i have been in the chicago hermes store and found them rude beyond belief and
    they claimed to not have any birkins or kellys and the waiting list was closed.
    then last year they have a big charity event, and the french pres of hermes is
    there, all waiters serving champagne in tuxedos, and the place is packed with
    the upper crust of chicago. and guess what.....they have lots and lots of birkins
    and kellys brought in for the event that people were buying like mad. i was
    appalled at the way they hand out these bags. i got all this info first hand as a friend
    of mine attended the party. i was on the waiting list at NM
    for almost 2 yrs and did get a birkin. xxx
  7. Try the Manhasset, NY store. I was there yesterday and they say they have a lot of stock on Kellys. I tried a black 32 w/ shw but didn't ask for the 35. Give them a try. GL!
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  8. If you do go to Chicago...talk to Craig. He's the sweetest man ever! I was offered a 35 black birkin I had to turn down 3 months after I got my 30 tabac camel. They do call...
  9. Looking for birkin 35cm blue jean togo!!!!or black togo wiz gold lock.also looking for kelly black boxcalf 32 or 35!!!!thx!! New york is better!
  10. is there a better chance to have briking in stock in NY city? or where the large demand is?
  11. I have read a lot of lucky walking buyers. however i am still wondering, after you walking do u ask the sales if they are in stock or how it will works?
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