Looking for a 06 INK city!!

  1. Hi! I'm about to buy my first Bbag...I've been reading this forum for a few weeks now, so I feel like I've done my homeworks :smile: I finally decided that I would go for a city, in ink.

    Now I just need to find one ;) Please help!
  2. Good Luck! I love the Ink too but from what I read they are hard to find? It is a beautiful color, especially in the city style
  3. There was one on e*ay, but I asked the seller a question, and before I got my answer, the listing ended with buy it now :crybaby: So I'm hoping that a lovely tpf member will list another one :graucho:
  4. hi, pls post questions like this in the shopping sub-forum. good luck!
  5. Thanks! I just posted it in the shopping sub-forum. I'm still learning ;)