LOOKING FOR 50+ Luxury Blog Writers

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  1. Hello,

    I'm looking 50+ blog writers for my luxury and gadget website. I've been on Pursue Forum before, although I just joined, and I thought this would be a good place to find some ordinary people who really know a lot about luxury items.

    It's not a paid position as of yet. Hopefully one day it will be. Right now you will be doing it out of pure fun and because you have the knowledge of the finest things in life. Another perk is that we will list your website, if it's a luxury or gadget site in our network automatically. The only requirement is that you post your honest opinion about new or upcoming luxury items (clothing, purses, cars, whatever) about once a week; not much work.

    Anyways please email me at berrybusyblog@gmail.com ASAP because positions are running out. Most that apply will get the job.

    Just mention your name, city, likes & dislikes, and favorite luxury items you want and own. If you have a website you will get automatic entry into our blog network which might mean traffic.

    Again my email is berrybusyblog@gmail.com for anyone that wants to apply.

    Admins if you feel this is inappropriate please email me or remove the thread. I'm not trying to leech off your traffic I just need some good people that know something about nice items and I thought highly of your website. Don't know of any other way to get some good, solid opinions. Consider it an honor.

    berrybusyblog.com Contributor
    (This thread was not posted by the owner of the website; it's by a contributor)
  2. I have removed the website link because it may be in violation of the forum rules. There is a reference to our site, but it's not link. I hope this is acceptable. If not please remove this post admins. I want to respect your rules.

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