Looking for 226 reissue with old price tag

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  1. Seeing the recent posts with some flaps showing up, I am hoping to locate one too. I want a Matte Black 226 with GHW. Anyone know of any around?
  2. Those bags were seasonal. The matte black ghw is permanent. Even if by some chance there's an older one "in the back". they'd still ring it at the new price.
  3. :yes: lallybelle is right. Any black 226 will always ring at the new price
  4. I had one after August first and offered here at old price tag before head to Saks for return. Seems some one just scared I scam them or what and asked all kind of questions, I ended up returned with old tag price :smile:
  5. and guess what, it got sold at new price already :smile:
  6. Bummer.... Wish I had seen it then. Why do I always miss the good stuff :crybaby:
  7. feel sorry for you as well.
  8. Better get it even at the new increased price now. Chanel will definitely increase its price again seeing many shoppers are already accustomed to the new price point. People are still buying and buying and buying!
  9. ^ True!
  10. Yup... Absolutely plan to get it. I just missed the NM tiered GC event. Waiting for the next one to place my order. Anyone know when that will be?