Looking for 07 violet SGH Part Time

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  1. Hello!
    I am looking for a 07 violet SGH Part Time with shiny and wrinkly leather. :nuts:

    I want it in brand new or mint condition. If you see one please let me know. And please remember that I am in Spain, so if the seller/store is in US I would need they ship international.

    I prefer to buy in EUrope but at this moment all options are wellcome.
    At the moment I contacted Bal Paris, Printemps Paris, Bal London, Bal Milan without luck. I prefer to avoid Bal NY because they don't answer e-mails and don't under declared packages.

    I read in one post that there is one available in Harvey Nichols in Dublin but I contacted them and don't ship.

    I hope I find one soon, I am looking for it months ago and always arrive late to the ones I saw on ebay.

    Thank you very much!![FONT=&quot] :okay:
  2. Could you please move it to shopping section? I tought I was there when I opened it, sorry.
  3. There is a 07 SGH Work in excellent condition over at RDC- just in case ;)
  4. Thank you ;) But the work is too big, I think the Part Time is perfect for me :okay:
  5. Ok, I'm stupid...what's RDC? Thanks.
  6. realdealcollection.com....resellers of authentic Balenciaga...