Looking for '07 Paprika City

  1. I know, I know......I'm a little late but if anyone comes across one in their travels, please let me know. TIA and Happy New Year!!:smile:
  2. That's the same as Rouille, right? If not, ignore this...but if so, there's a City up for auction right now. Have it authenticated of course, but it looks really nice to me.
  3. Oh, sorry, just realized it's an '06. But it does look nice.
  4. ^^ I saw that too but love the deeper Orangey/Red more. Thanks for keeping a look out!
  5. ^07 rouille is redder than the 06 one? i know there's a First on annsfabulousfinds. tempting!
  6. '06 is more Orange and '07 is a deeper shade, almost like the spice, Paprika....yummm!!!
  7. ^thanks vm! AR only has the Paparika in First. i'm seriously tempted to get this or a RV! :nuts:
  8. Sorry, off topic: that's a very nice picture in the avatar, is it a celebrity? Looks familiar. thanks!
  9. Yes...that's Liv Tyler and I love her style!
  10. Ooooh.....maybe I'll get a first instead. I'm not too keen on the brighter colors but that Paprika is just sticking in my head and I just feel I need to get one. Thanks glossie!:smile:
  11. ^don't mention! so have you got the Paparika First from AR? :biggrin: 07 Rouille is not as wrinkly or veiny as 06 :yes:
  12. Not yet.....I'm used to carrying the City and think the First might be too small plus I'm secretly hoping that Bal will come out with an Orange (like the Paprika for the Fall) so I'm just waiting it out. I know, I'm such a PITA.:shame:
  13. I live in houston and they have a couple of paprika colored bags. I am not sure on the hardware but, you can call and see. 713-621-7100. If you do call ask for sharon, she is a wonderful SA more than willing to help. I know they are still there, I saw them on sunday. good luck!!

  14. Many thanks lvgrnhb!
  15. Neiman's houston has the 07 paprika city, day, part-time and workk with GSH. I do not know if that is what you are looking for good luck.