Looking down on your handbag?

  1. Has anyone ever noticed if a stranger/strangers look down on your handbag? I was at the post office yesterday with my new Dooney and this woman with an LV Manhattan PM is in front of me waiting to pick up a package. She takes one look at my Dooney and turns away with this smug look on her face. :confused1: I found it quite perplexing. I wasn't embarrassed, and honestly, I didn't feel ashamed that I had my bag (I happen to LOVE this dooney). And besides, I have LVs; I wouldn't expect her to know that. ;)

    I love LV, but sometimes I can't stand how snobbish strangers act when they think their handbag is better than the person's next to them. Even when I do carry my LVs, I don't think this way. Has this ever happened to anyone?
  2. She's probably just jealous that you look fabulous no matter WHAT you carry!
  3. No, not that I'm aware of.

    I'm sorry that you were unfortunate enough to run into such a rude woman.

    Money can't buy you manners, apparently. :shrugs:
  4. I'm just a little confused...I wasn't extremely offended, but I thought it was a little sad and amusing. Where on earth does this mentality come from?
  5. i was carrying my balenciaga magenta city and this woman with her grey balenciaga work were staring at my bag all the time when we were in the book store.
    i don't really know why...
  6. You hit the nail smack on the head there. That sums it all up.:idea:
  7. This happened to me too. I was carrying my Fendi baby spy and this woman with her regular spy was eyeing my bag, trying to look very superior. :shrugs:
    I think people who do that are just really insecure.
  8. Handbags, like clothes, or cars, just about everything, mean different things to different people. For me, they are a necessary item to carry stuff, but also a fun fashion accessory! But for someone else, they might see them as purely utilitarian and not really enjoy putting different ones with different outfits, and have a good laugh at me holding them up against this or that top.

    And for other people, they may be related to the person's self-image, even self-esteem, and project those feelings onto other people, and the way they perceive them, which is sad, and yes, they miss out on a lot.

    So about all you can do is be happy if you can make someone laugh, and hope that your own laughter at being laughed at will Inspire the person whose situation is sad to consider finding out what all the fun is about! :smile:
  9. I agree with the whole insecurity thing; I found people who tend to be snobby and mean are often overly obsessed with their status.:rolleyes:
  10. She was willing them to mate and make cute little b-babies. :yes:
  11. :roflmfao: ain't it the truth!!! Well put!

  12. Yes!!!! Because of work (I'm a flight attendant) I can't carry LV. It has to be a solid black bag. None of my LVs fit the bill & I couldn't buy a new one so I purchased a coach.

    I hate standing in the security line & having other women look down on my poor little coach. :shrugs:
  13. Lame! Poor little Coach bag...

    This is clearly the reason why I don't look down on other people's handbags. If they're perfectly happy with what they have, what's wrong with that? Also, you never know what they could possibly own...


    I'm flattered. :shame:
  14. insecurity. lack of self confidence. just an all around unhappy person.
    very sad. I bet you rocked your Dooney!
  15. Can understand perfectly. I teach at a college where there are lots of well-off young kids who drive BMWs, carry LVs etc and have had lots of pitying looks cast on both my handbags and my car. I finally figured - who cares?
    If anyone with an LV looks down on my Dooney, well, I guess there are probably ladies with Birkins who look down on LVs, and so on along the pecking order!