Looking cute & Staying warm?

  1. Hey guys!
    ok so right now I live in New Orleans. A week from today I will be mvoing to COLUMBIA, MISSOURI. Big weather change huh?
    So, i have no idea how to dress warm or what to wear or anything. (Im 15, btw) Do most people just wear jeans and then like a jacket? And what about shoes? I want to be warm but i also want to look cute...

    so, Please help, im quite clueless haha.
  2. Wow! What a big change! I've never been to Missouri, but it does get cold here in Maryland. For being out-and-about most people wear jeans and sweaters. Jackets and too when it gets cold enough (which unfortunately is too often!). You'll also need hats, gloves, scarves and socks.

    I buy from everywhere, but depending on your style, Anthroplogie has cute, cute, cute stuff. And, the stores like Bloomies, Bergdorfs, Neimans, etc. always have the up to the minute stuff.

    Open-toed shoes or sandals probably won't be warm enough for you in Mo., so depending on your style, again, you can find some adorable things at Zappos.com or Anthropologie or the dept. stores. Uggs (if you like them) are pretty popular and warm.

    Good luck with your move!
  3. It can be hard to find cute coats for cold midwestern weather (maybe I'll design a line myself). I like Moncler for incredibly stylish puffy coats. Wool coats are generally not going to cut it in January, unless you want to look like everyone else and get a Jcrew thinsulate wool coat
  4. I'm close to St.Louis,Missouri and layers here are best. The weather can be warm and freezing all in one day-it was warm enough for a light jacket today, and by tonight it is pretty cold-wool coat weather. I've worn shorts in December and down jackets the next day. Also make sure you have some great warm wool sweaters. It can get really cold when you factor in the humidity. Jeans, jackets, and warm boots or cool tennis shoes are what most girls your age wear. I like to wear my Uggs a lot personally, not for fashion, since I know they are not "in" but because they are so warm and comfy.