Looking back 2007 - What did you accomplish this year?

  1. Now that 2007 is almost over, I'm looking back and thinking of the accomplishments that I've made. I'd like to hear what everyone else had done as well. Did you get married? Get a new car? Finish school? Have a baby? Lose 10 pounds?

    As for me, my biggest accomplishment this year was buying my first home on my own. It's a perfect starter home and everything I could ever want as my first house. It took a lot of courage, stress, patience, and perserverance, but I'm out of escrow and I'm moving in this week!! I'm so happy!! :yahoo:

    Share! What have you accomplished??
  2. Congrats on your first home thithi, that is a huge accomplishment.

    Mine would have to be finally getting a promotion at work and being one of the top producers in my company.
  3. I ended a verbally abusive relationship.

    I found a new job 3 months after losing mine this summer and held it together financially in the process.

    I turned 40. Not sure if that's an accomplishment, but it's a huge milestone.

    I think the biggest lesson I learned this year is that I'm a lot stronger than I give myself credit for. I worked HARD to turn my life around and get in a better place through some very abrupt and major shakeups. And I have so many of you here at tPF to thank for your virtual and IRL support. For example, this summer I had the pleasure of meeting Roo for the first time, a special visit from elizabethk (whom I had met before) and the Northwest H ladies who welcomed H-less me into the fold with our fabulous lunch in downtown Seattle! Irishgal was a saint getting me through the worst part of the breakup through her support and PMs! lorihmatthews offered to proofread and edit my resume!

    And...I got back out there and started dating again. There's someone very new right now...we're just taking it slow and it's all good.

    Soooo I will definitely chalk 2007 up to being like a major earthquake...lots of stuff abruptly got shaken up...some stuff survived, some stuff cracked and some stuff shattered to bits. But in the end I survived and am rebuilding!
  4. I made the Chancellor's list this past fall semester.
  5. I quit my crappy full time job as a retail slave.

    I went back to school and just finished up my first semester. I did well in all of my classes.

    I looked back on past relationships and realized something important about myself.
  6. These are some amazing achievements!!

    Congrats to everyone!
  7. I got through another semester with a B average. Bleh. One more to go before I have to get a REAL job out there. BRRR.

    Completed all the courses toward my law minor.

    Got my first passport and went on my first vacation.

    Started my designer collection in the summer. I currently have 4 bags, one wallet, and one bracelet.

    I found the USB for my printer.

    I think I deserve a gold star.
  8. I graduated from college. I survived the end of a five year long relationship. I managed to live well within my means.
  9. I got married on 2nd September to my 'childhood sweetheart'. We've been together since we were 14 and 11 years later we finally got around to it lol!

    I helped my DH set up his own business, something he's wanted to do for years.

    I've realised I'm much stronger than I thought - we've had a bad year this year as our house was flooded in June. We still are a long way from it being sorted, there's no heating, hot water or kitchen and our bathroom was put in on Christmas Eve. We had to live with family for the first two months, sleeping in their living room while trying to plan the wedding. For the past few months, we've had lots of problems with the builders and loss adjusters. Somehow we held it together, had a fantastic day and we've both emerged stronger. When we get back home (which should be around March) our home will be nicer than it was before.

    On a happier note, when we went on our honeymoon to DR, we swam with dolphins and sea lions (who are the funniest animals ever!), had a candlelit lobster dinner on a beach and completely forgot all the problems back home!
  10. 2007 was the first year that I can remember that I did not obsess about my weight.

    I started a very healthy way of eating...NO DIETS, and I began adding weight training to my routine. It made all the difference and was a good way to releive stress.

    DH and I began a serious plan to reduce our debt this year and we did accomplish some of our small goals to help that along. I look forward to keeping this trend up.

  11. Completely paid off my remaining credit card debt :nuts:

    Celebrated my one-year anniversary at my job!

    BF and I celebrated five years together :love: and went on two great vacations this year.
  12. I got completely out of debt, which was NOT because of my wrong doings, but because my Mom decided to charge sh*t to my SSN since I was 10..yea..TEN.

    I did a lot of DIY work in the couple of homes we've renovated this year, thus saving us over $10,000:yahoo:.

    Well, I know I've accomplished more, but cant really think of anything else...is that bad:confused1:
  13. How could I forget, my boyfriend and I celebrated 5 years together too!!:nuts:

    Congrats you and your BF:tup:
  14. GREAT THREAD IDEA!! Very inspiring.

    This year:

    My DH and I celebrated our 5th anniversary :heart:

    We continued to struggle with fertility, and had yet another miscarriage, but finally seem to have overcome our challenges--see my signature! :yahoo:

    I started my own business and it's already profitable only 6 months later. :tup:

    We finished the major renovations on our very old house--a huge project that's been ongoing for three years.

    I was able to do some things financially that I haven't been able to do since leaving my full time job back in 2002. It gave me a really strong feeling of pride and independence to be able to make "my own money" and contribute to our household financially again.
  15. Love this thread!!

    I graduated from college AND survived my first semester of grad school!

    Started a new job!

    Celebrated 5 years with my BF! (It seems to be a great thread for 5 year couples, haha) :heart: